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New Infant and Toddler Program Lays Foundation for Learning

The start of the 2017-2018 school year revealed a few more strollers and toys around the Lower School with the creation of USJ’s Infant and Toddler Program. This new option has allowed families to enroll children as young as six weeks old into the Bruin family. The infant classroom includes children from six weeks old to twelve months, while the toddler classroom serves children from 12-24 months from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Schedules are based on individual needs, and a daily Activity Sheet is provided for each child.

“Our goal when we started the program was to meet
the needs of our families and provide a safe and loving environment for parents to drop off their infant or toddler while dropping off their older child,” says Early Childhood Education Director Beth Hudson. “We wanted this program to be more than just a daycare. We wanted to rise above the standard and meet the needs of these babies while encouraging their growth and development in all areas.”

The Infant and Toddler Program is governed and certi ed by the Department of Education. The program has speci c rules and regulations it follows with staff, students, and facilities. A program evaluator comes twice a year—once unannounced—and checks records and facilities.

The program follows these standards to provide the best care possible for students. Teachers use a guide for planning meaningful experiences and instructional activities and follow developmental and learning frameworks for all children.

The key areas of USJ’s Infant and Toddler Program are Approaches to Learning, Social-Emotional Development, Language and Early Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Development.

“I am 100% satis ed with our decision to put our son in USJ’s Infant and Toddler Program,” says Megan Dennison, whose son is in the Older Infant Class. “The teachers not only made sure my son was comfortable, but that I was too. It’s more than just childcare; it’s a learning facility where children

are developing motor skills, performing sensory work, and engaging in different activities.”

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