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Interdisciplinary Studies Encourage Lifelong Learning

Middle School Director Don Roe spearheaded a new idea for Middle School students this year. Interdisciplinary units have allowed students to dive into one particular topic or concept in all of their classes. Teachers decided the topics taught and worked to incorporate fun, interesting projects into their lesson plans.

After spending two days touring ancient Egypt, seventh graders produced maps in teams, read about Egyptian creation myths, and solved puzzles to free themselves from escape rooms. They applied their knowledge by creating pyramids and measuring their creations using mathematical formulas and compared and even constructed Egyptian and Mayan pyramids in Spanish class.

“With this, we stress the importance of lifelong learning and application,” says Don Roe. “Lifelong learning is a part of our mission statement. We want to give our students the opportunity to learn in a new way as well as give them the tools to make connections across their courses.”

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