University School of Jackson

Athletic Achievements

Since 1975, the USJ athletics program has produced some of the finest athletes in the state.

Addison Dunn / Softball
Ally McFarland / Softball
Kristen Pickens / Softball
Addison Dunn / Soccer
Anna Jones / Soccer

Jack Godwin Cross Country
Kayla Puzdrakiewicz Cross-Country
Gabbie Stevens Cross Country
Addison Dunn / Softball
Ally McFarland / Softball
Anna Pearson / Softball
Addison Dunn / Soccer
Rachel Giampapa / Soccer
Shelby Williams / Soccer

Sam Darnall/Cross Country
Jack Goodwin/Cross Country
Samantha Sullivan/Cross Country
Eric Arnold/Football
Mitchell Bodiford/Football
Austin Orr/Football
Joseph Patterson/Football
Chase Harris/Golf
Abbey Fleming/Soccer
Rachel Giampapa/Soccer
Madison Perchik/Soccer
Shelby Williams/Soccer
Sara Glassman/Volleyball
Paige Sheffield/Volleyball 
Haley Hall/Softball
Anna Rice/Softball
Ally McFarland/Softball

Kayla Puzdrakiewicz/Cross Country
Samantha Sullivan/Cross Country
Jessica Garland/Cross Country
Sam Darnall/Cross Country
Jack Goodwin/Cross Country 
Patrick Richardson/Cross Country
Tyler Buckley/Football
Ryan Gardner/Football
Tyler Hardin/Football
Chase Hensley/Football
Austin Orr/Football
Joseph Patterson/Football
Troy Smigielski/Football
Powers Spencer/Football
Addison Dunn/Soccer
Rachel Giampapa/Soccer
Madison Perchik/Soccer
Michael Mysiewicz/Soccer
Lauren Riddell/Softball 
Ally Glover/Softball
Ally McFarland/Softball
James Roland Markos/Tennis
George Markos/Tennis 
Harrison Norton/Tennis
Graham Taylor/Tennis
Andrea Arreaza/Volleyball

Ryan Garner/Baseball
Lee Mayhall/Baseball
John Ross Glover/Basketball
Lee Mayhall/Basketball
Samantha Sullivan/Cross Country
Jessica Garland/Cross Country
Patrick Richardson/Cross Country
Sam Darnall/Cross Country
Lee Mayhall/Football
Ryan Garner/Football 
Chase Rushing/Football 
Adam Boling/Football 
Chase Nelson/Football 
Chase Hensley/Football 
Grant Mansfield/Football
Honeye Heydari/Soccer
Shelby Jordan/Soccer 
Carrie Cobb/Soccer 
Shelby Williams/Soccer
Michael Mysiewicz/Soccer
Michael Richards/Soccer
Lauren Riddell/Softball
Haley Hall/Softball

Jake Overbey/Baseball/Football
Logan Wall/Baseball
Ryan Garner/Baseball
John Ross Glover/Basketball
Audrey Hazlehurst/Cross Country
Patrick Richardson/Cross Country
Lee Mayhall/Football
Powers Spencer/Football
Honeye Heydari/Soccer
Shelby Jordan/Soccer
Will Pierce/Soccer
Anthony Micetich/Soccer
Lauren Riddell/Softball
Ally Glover/Softball
Abbie Orr/Volleyball

Preston Overbey, Baseball
Kayla Petty, Volleyball
Marshall Talkington, Golf
E.J. Miller, Basketball
John Ross Glover, Basketball
Audrey Hazlehurst, Cross Country
Shelby Jordan, Cross Country
Jake Overbey, Football
Austin Martindale, Football
Matt Weiner, Football
Dhun Sharma, Football
Walker McWherter, Football
Lee Mayhall, Football
Lauren Riddell, Softball
Taylor Barclay, Softball
Katie Beth Fesmire, Softball
Austin Martindale, Track and Field
Honeye Heydari, Soccer 
Tyler Jones, Soccer

Jake Overbey, Football
Danny Smigielski, Football
Catherine Bell, Golf 
Clay Harbin, Golf
Honeye Heydari, Soccer
Thomas McKnight, Soccer 
Shelby Jordan, Track
Audrey Hazlehurst, Cross Country

Hunter Smith, Baseball
Audrey Hazlehurst/Cross Country
Danny Smigielski/Football
Scott Metcalf/Golf
Scott Metcalf/Soccer
Christian Kurth/Soccer
Elizabeth Crowder/Soccer
Katie Hamilton/Soccer
Katie Hayes//Soccer
Ben Gaines/Tennis
Madison Patey/Tennis

Megan Latimer/Softball
Josh Lyles/Baseball
Clayton Gant/Baseball
Benjie Fesmire/Baseball
Madison Patey/Tennis

Bekah Smith/Volleyball
Katie Hamilton/Soccer
Katie Hayes/Soccer
Morgan Walley/Soccer
George Smith/Football
Lauren Smith/Volleyball
Kacie Fite/Volleyball
Clayton Gant/Baseball
Spencer Nelson/Baseball
Jon Taylor/Soccer
Corey Ferrell/Soccer
Lucas Guerra/Tennis
Colton Norton/Tennis
Will Magee/Tennis
Neena Malik/Tennis
Aya Kato/Tennis
Becca Morris/Softball

Becca Morris/Basketball
Courtney Alvey/Basketball
Jessie Metcalf/Soccer
Lauren Hillam/Soccer
Clayton Gant/Baseball
Brian Petty/Baseball

Ashley Evans/Cross Country
John Pappis/Football
Ryan Ross/Football/Baseball
Drew Yancey/Football
Josh Liles/Baseball
Courtney Alvey/Basketball
Johnna Shackleford/Softball
Katie Brush/Volleyball
Natalie Edwards/Golf
Josh Farhat/Soccer

Ashley Evans/Cross Country
Eric Carruth/Football
Joseph Dowsley/Football
Michael Pappis/Football
Lauren Hillam/Soccer
Jessie Metcalf/Soccer
Paige Diffee/Softball
Johnna Shackleford/Softball
Lee Tabor/Baseball
Adam Warren/Baseball

Ashley Evans/Cross Country
Robert Lents/Golf
Bradley Pate/Golf
Adam Warren/Football
Joseph Dowsley/Football
Eric Carruth/Football
Will Woods/Football
Nathan Smith/Football
Jace Smith/Football
Nick Latimer/Baseball
Franklin Payne/Baseball
Brett Hunt/Baseball
Beth Metcalf/Soccer
Andy Metcalf/Soccer
Matthew Evans/Tennis
Dan Matthews/Tennis
Jill Butler/Tennis
Ashley Helms/Tennis

Ashley Evans/Cross Country
Greg Fay/Football
Franklin Payne/Football
Jamie Richardson/Football
Andy Metcalf/Football
Russ DeLoach/Football
Beth Metcalf/Soccer
Jessie Metcalf/Soccer
John Gorman/Baseball
Josh Allen/Baseball
Leslie Gibbons/Softball
Jeff Bentson/Basketball

Beth Metcalf/Soccer
John David Sikes/Football
Russell Cook/Football
Andy Metcalf/Football/Cross Country
Franklin Payne/Football
Nash Powell/Baseball
Elizabeth Carls/Softball

Mary Jaco/Golf
Ami Joglekar/Track
Ram Reddy/Tennis
Lee Taylor Walker/Tennis
Jay Wilson/Tennis
Franklin Payne/Football
Chesley Dennison/Football
Russ DeLoach/Football
Brennan Berg/Football
Drew Lester/Baseball
Roger Cook/Baseball

Charlie Campbell/Football
Lee Hays/Football
Mary Beth Haltom/Basketball
John Brannen/Golf
Tripp Tucker/Football
Lee Taylor Walker/Tennis
Andrew White/Football

Nathan Teague/Football
Tripp Tucker/Football
Frances Kirkland/Cross Country
Anna Lee Strachan/Cross Country
Mary Beth Haltom/Basketball
Lee Taylor Walker/Tennis

Anna Lee Strachan/Track
Sarah Stone/Track
Allison Truell/Track
Frances Kirkland/Track
Deidre Sallee/Basketball
Todd Haltom/Football

Kristen Lindvall/Golf
Josh McNatt/Baseball
Matt Walker/Tennis
Dow Davidson/Football

Alex Londe/Football
Ben Mulvaney/Track/Cross Country
Josh McNatt/Baseball
Jason Brower/Baseball
Elizabeth Fares/Tennis
Sarah Smith/Tennis

Rob Barham/Baseball
Urban Garrett/Track/Football
Bob Forbes/Football
James Kirkland/Football

Rob Barnham/Football
James Kirkland/Football
Urban Garrett/Football
Ted Midyett/Golf
Trey Teague/Football

James Kirkland/Football
Trey Teague/Football

Bart Horton/Football

Erich Bermel/Football

John Sherrod/Football

Sandy Smith/Track

Ray Pearce/Football

Pat Rooke/Football

Ned White/Football

Lisa DePriest/Basketball
Keith Masoud/Football

Tim Yarbro/Football

Molly McLemore, Track/Cross Country

Note: USJ has no official list of All-State athletes. As best as possible, athletes are listed in the calendar year they were selected All-State for their sport. Please inform the school of any additional All-State athletes.

All State Players

Mary Beth Haltom, Deirdre Sallee, Courtney Alvey, Becca Morris, Eliza Edwards, Anna Jones, Lisa Depriest Morris (OHA), Ashton Hulme


Miss Basketball

Ashton Hulme ('18)


Miss Basketball Finalist

Lisa Depriest Morris (OHA), Eliza Edwards, Anna Jones 2015, 2016, and 2017


All District Players

Beth Williams, Amy Alderson, Jennifer Cash, Deidre Sallee(MVP), Rida Jones(MVP), Allison Truell, Erin Keller, Jenny Jackson, Mary Beth Haltom(MVP) Cythnia Thomson, Frances Kirkland, Tiffany Campbell, Jessica Paschall (MVP), Amanda Richardson, Emily Page, Leslie Gibbons, Lane Scarborough, Kimberly Truell (MVP), Rebecca Bailey, Jennifer Perry, Rachel Cole, Courtney Alvey (MVP), Katie Brush, Becca Morris, Logan Hall, Haley Hall, Sally Sikes, Eliza Edwards (MVP), Rebekah Sears (MVP), Bess McWherter, Anna Garrett, Halie Miller, Sara Muir, Adrian Sanders, Ashley Smith, Audra Taylor, Molly Hall, Jessi Smith, Taylor Tenpenny, Ashton Hulme, Anna Jones (MVP), Morgan Williams, Kallie Pickens, Sophie Stallings (HM), Emily Jones (HM), Ashton Hulme (MVP, '18)


District Champions

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Region Champions

1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005


Sub-State Appearances

1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018


State Tournament Appearances

1996 (final 4), 2000, 2001, 2002 (final 4), 2005 state runner-up, 2017 state runner-up, 2018 state final four

2013 Football Awards

2013 Division II-A All-State team: Joseph Patterson, Austin Orr, Eric Arnold, and Mitchell Bodiford.

2013 Division II-A West All-District Team:
Offensive Player of the Year: Austin Orr
Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Joseph Patterson

USJ All-District: Kody Kilburn, Kesley Kirk, Graham Taylor, Hollen Spencer, Mitchell Bodiford, and Eric Arnold.

USJ Honorable Mention All-District: Jacob Denbrock, Chris Stephenson, Austin Campbell, Charlie Hughes, Austin Rogers, Hunter Harrison, Will Cobb, Ben Brauss, Michael Taylor, Easton Underwood, and William Jones.

Jackson Sun All-West Tennessee:
First Team All-West Tennessee Offense: Austin Orr
First Team All-West Tennessee Defense: Joseph Patterson
Second Team All-West Tennessee Offense: Eric Arnold and Kody Kilburn
Honorable Mention: Ben Brauss, Will Cobb, Jacob Denbrock, and Easton Underwood.

2012 Football Awards

2012 Mr. Football: Chase Hensley, Lineman
2012 Mr. Football Finalist: Powers Spencer, Back

2012 Division II-A and II-AA All-State team: Chase Hensley, Tyler Buckley, Powers Spencer, Ryan Gardner, Austin Orr, Troy Smigielski, Tyler Hardin and Joseph Patterson.

2012 Division II A West All-District Team:
Co-Overall Player of the Year: Powers Spencer
Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Ryan Garner
Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Chase Hensley
Co-Kicker of the Year: Troy Smigielski

USJ All District: Powers Spencer, Ryan Garner, Chase Hensley, Tyler Hardin, Adam Glassman, Tyler Buckley, Austin Orr, Joseph Patterson, Ryan Sanderson, Troy Smigielski, Alex Garey, and Brooks Antwine

USJ Honorable Mention All District: Kyle Clifton, Trace Carlock, Reed Matheny, John Teague, Ben Brauss, Kody Kilburn, and Eric Arnold

USJ Honorable Mention All District: Jacob Denbrock, Chris Stephenson, Austin Campbell, Charlie Hughes, Austin Rogers, Hunter Harrison, Will Cobb, Ben Brauss, Michael Taylor, Easton Underwood, and William Jones

2011 Football Awards

All State: Ryan Garner, Chase Rushing, Lee Mayhall, Adam Boling, Chase Nelson, Chase Hensley, and Grant Mansfield.

Jackson Sun All West Tennessee: Lee Mayhall (Player of the Year), Chase Hensley (Lineman of the Year), Ryan Garner, Chase Rushing, Adam Boling, Matt Wing, Tyler Hardin, Grant Mansfield, Jonathan Cain, and Chase Nelson.

2011 TSSAA Mr. Football Finalists: Back: Lee Mayhall (Toyota East/West All Star Game participant); Defensive Lineman: Chase Hensley

2011 Division II A West All District Team
Player of the Year: Lee Mayhall
Defensive Line MVP: Chase Hensley
Co-Offensive Line MVP: Adam Boling
Co-Offensive MVP: Ryan Garner
Co-Coach of the Year: Mickey Marley

USJ All District: Lee Mayhall, Chase Hensley, Adam Boling, Ryan Garner, Chase Rushing, Matt Wing, Tyler Hardin, Grant Mansfield, Chase Nelson, and Jonathan Cain

2011 State Championship Game

USJ finished its season as state runners-up. With an 11-2 record, the Bruins lost to St. George's in the Division II-A championship game. The Bruins earned the chance at the state title by beating Knoxville Webb, 48-27, in the semifinals. Knoxville Webb had won the last two state championships.

Past Seasons

Since 1987, USJ football teams have won 16 District/Region titles, and participated in 64 state playoff games. This includes 5 State Finals, 9 Semi-Finals, and 15 Quarter-Finals.

The 1989 team won the first playoff game in school history. The 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2012 teams finished with undefeated regular seasons. The 1993, 1998, 2000, 2009, and 2011 teams advanced to the State Championship Games.

USJ has been represented by 80 All-State players.

The Bruins have had 15 TSSAA State Mr. Football Finalists. Winners include…1993: Urban Garrett, 1998: Tripp Tucker, 2009 & 2010: Jake Overbey, 2012: Chase Hensley.

Former Bruin Star Trey Teague earned All-Southeastern Conference Honors at the University of Tennessee. Trey helped guide UT to the Southeastern Conference Championship in 1997 and was later drafted by the World Champion Denver Broncos.

Overall Team Records

Coach Walter Kilzer: 1987, 1988: (12-10)
Coach Mickey Marley: 1989-2015: (245-91)

All-District/Region Players: (254)

All District/Region Players of the Year (17)

1987: Steve Treadway
1989: Mark Bennett
1990: Trey Teague
1992: Urban Garrett
1993: Urban Garrett
1994: Alex Londe
1997: Tripp Tucker
1998: Tripp Tucker
2000: Franklin Payne
2001: Greg Fay
2002: Will Woods
2004: Ryan Ross
2009: Jake Overbey
2010: Jake Overbey
2011: Lee Mayhall
2012: Powers Spencer

All-District/Region Position Players MVP (25)

1994: Matt Wilson (Def MVP)
1998: Andrew White (Def MVP)
2000: Russell Cook (Def MVP), Russ DeLoach (Off MVP)
2001: Randy Sheffield (Def MVP), Andy Metcalf (Kicker MVP), Russ DeLoach (Punter MVP)
2002: Eric Carruth (Def MVP)
2003: Joseph Dowsley (Def MVP)
2004: Drew Yancey (Off Line)
2005: Will Dement (Punter)
2008: Jake Overbey (Off MVP)
2009: Austin Martindale (Off MVP),Walker McWherter (Def MVP)
2010: Lee Mayhall (Def Hybrid), Adam Boling (Off Line)
2011: Chase Hensley (Def Line), Adam Boling (Off Line Co-MVP), Ryan Garner (Off Co-MVP)
2012: Ryan Garner (Off Co-MVP), Chase Hensley (Def Line Co-MVP), Troy Smigielski (Kicker Co-MVP)
2013: Austin Orr (Off MVP), Joseph Patterson (Def Co-MVP)
2014: Charles Campbell (Kicker MVP)

All-State Players (76)

1987: Eric Bermel
1988: Bart Horton
1991: James Kirkland, Trey Teague
1992: Rob Barham, Urban Garrett, Trey Teague
1993: Bob Forbes, Urban Garrett, James Kirkland
1994: Alex Londe
1995: Dow Davidson
1996: Todd Haltom
1997: Nathan Teague, Tripp Tucker
1998: Charlie Campbell, Lee Hays, Tripp Tucker, Andrew White
1999: Brennan Berg, Chesley Dennison, Russ DeLoach, Franklin Payne
2000: Russell Cook, Andy Metcalf, Franklin Payne, John David Sikes
2001: Russ DeLoach, Greg Fay, Andy Metcalf, Franklin Payne, Jamie Richardson
2002: Nathan Smith, Jace Smith, Will Woods, Adam Warren, Eric Carruth, Joseph Dowsley
2003: Eric Carruth, Joseph Dowsley, Michael Pappis
2004: Ryan Ross, Drew Yancey, John Pappis
2006: George Smith
2007: Danny Smigielski
2008: Jake Overbey and Danny Smigielski
2009: Jake Overbey, Austin Martindale, Matt Weiner, Dhun Sharma, Walker McWherter, Lee Mayhall
2010: Jake Overbey, Lee Mayhall, Powers Spencer
2011: Lee Mayhall, Chase Hensley, Ryan Garner, Chase Rushing, Adam Boling, Chase Nelson, Grant Mansfield
2012: Chase Hensley, Tyler Buckley, Powers Spencer, Ryan Gardner, Austin Orr, Troy Smigielski, Tyler Hardin, Joseph Patterson
2013: Austin Orr, Joseph Patterson, Eric Arnold, Mitchell Bodiford
2014: Ben Brauss, Campbell Carlock, Trey Smith, Michael Taylor

State Team Championship Titles


State Team Runner-Up Titles


State Tournament Appearances

2000 (A) 7th Place
2003 (A) 3rd Place
2010 (DIIA) Champions
2011 (DIIA) Runner-Up
2012 (DIIA) Champions
2013 (DIIA) Runner-Up
2014 (DIIA) 3rd Place
2016 (DIIA) 3rd Place

Sectional Titles


All-State Players

2000 Elizabeth Carls
2001: Leslie Gibbons
2003: Johnna Shackelford
2003: Paige Diffee
2006: Becca Morris
2007: Megan Latimer
2010: Taylor Barclay
2010: Katie Beth Fesmire
2010: Lauren Riddell
2011: Ally Glover
2011: Lauren Riddell
2012: Haley Hall
2012: Lauren Riddell
2013: Ally McFarland
2013: Lauren Riddell
2013: Ally Glover
2014: Haley Hall
2014: Anna Rice
2014: Ally McFarland
2015: Addison Dunn
2015: Ally McFarland
2015: Anna Pearson
2016: Addison Dunn
2016: Ally McFarland
2016: Kristen Pickens

Region Titles


District Titles


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