University School of Jackson

Re-Enrollment 2020-2021

The instructions to log in to your parent portal are below.

Blackbaud Login


1. First click on "Forgot login or First time logging in?"


2. Enter your email address.

(This system chooses the first parent email, which is most likely the mother's email address.)


3. Select both the "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" checkboxes in order to receive the complete login information you will need to receive via e-mail.


4. Hit the "SEND" button


5. Enter your first and last name and hit the "SEND" button again.

If you receive a message that says, "Unable To Process Request" it means you have entered an email that is not in our system as the primary. Try alternatives to your name (ex. Jennifer for Jenny).


6. Check your email for your username and password


7. Please follow all the prompts necessary when viewing and signing your contract. We will not be using FACTS any longer, but a system called Smart Tuition. You will need to set up a new account in this system, select your payment plan, and enter in your financial information.




A payment plan and financial information must be entered before you will be allowed to sign your student(s) contract.  We are still more than happy to take payments in the Business Office until July 15th, however payment information will still need to be entered in to Smart Tuition for a transfer date after the 15th and then we can enter a zero balance once payment is received.


If you have a unique payment situation or have split payments between parents, please contact Erin Wagner in the Business Office.



Erin Wagner

Human Resources / Student Accounts Manager


[email protected]


Laura Moore

Director of Admissions


[email protected]

For More Information

Laura Moore
Director of Admissions

[email protected]

Erin Wagner
Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Human Resources

[email protected]

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