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Grading & Report Cards

USJ is on a quarterly academic calendar. Grades are available online through NetClassroom. (See below)

Upper and Middle School

Numerical Grade Letter Grade Equivalent GPA Equivalent
98-100 A+ 4.5
93-97 A 4.25
90-92 A- 4.0
87-89 B+ 3.5
83-86 B 3.25
80-82 B- 3.0
77-79 C+ 2.5
73-76 C 2.25
70-72 C- 2.0
65-69 D 1.0
0-64 F 0.0

Letter Grades/Numerical Equivalent

Evaluation of Upper and Middle School student academic performance is expressed by means of letter and number grades. These letter grades and their equivalent are listed in the table above.

Weighting for Upper School Class Standing

For purposes of Upper School class standing, Honors courses are given an additional weight of five (5) points, and Advanced Placement courses are given an additional weight of ten (10) points. However, only the non-weighted grade is recorded on the USJ transcript. Courses taken at other institutions do not count for purposes of class standing. Additionally, Journalism, Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, and Study Hall do not count for purposes of class standing.

Grade Point Average (GPA) for Upper School

Each Upper School student’s grades are converted to a four-point, cumulative grade scale. Each semester, for purposes of GPA calculation, Honors courses are given an extra weight of .5 and AP courses are given an extra weight of 1.0 on the four-point scale. All courses taken at USJ, excluding Fitness, Yoga, and Study Hall, are used to calculate GPA. Additionally, Study Abroad is a Pass/Fail course which counts as half credit. Courses taken at other academic institutions are not included in GPA calculation. The conversion for the four-point scale is depicted above.

Lower School

Quarterly checklists for Jr. Cubs, Cubs, Jr. Kindergarten, and Kindergarten evaluate each student in relationship to his or her own potential. The grading key includes:

  • S: Satisfactory/Meets Expectations
  • N: Needs Further Development
  • U: Unsatisfactory/Does Not Meet Expectations

First through fifth grade students receive quarterly report cards with numerical averages. The Grading Scale is noted above.



NetClassroom offers parents and students online access to academic information, including grades, attendance, conduct, assignments, and transcripts.

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