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Junior Year Parent Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire before your Junior College Advising meeting. Plan at least 30 minutes to complete each form. Once you submit the form, it is sent to Carol Ryan, Director of College Advising. Once both forms are completed, please contact College Advising to set up your family meeting.

We realize the questionnaire is lengthy and detailed, but these questions are designed to help USJ's College Advising Office know your son or daughter better so that we may guide you as you begin to build a list of colleges to explore. A well thought-out questionnaire provides the best material to support your child's letter of recommendation, so please allow ample time to provide genuine and insightful responses. There are not responses that you "should" give--the best responses are the ones that reflect YOUR student's personality and views!

For More Information

Carol Ryan
Director of College Advising

[email protected]

Lori Howell
College Advising Assistant

[email protected]

Shannon Whisenant
Assistant Director of College Advising

[email protected]

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