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College Credit Options

The following options allow USJ students to earn college credit while attending USJ. Our College Advising office will help students assess which option best suits their post-secondary goals.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) is designed by the College Board and offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. USJ currently offers 16 AP courses that have been approved by the AP Course Audit. USJ teachers participate in Advanced Placement continuing education and many serve as exam graders.

Regarding high school students earning college credit, colleges and universities view AP coursework as most closely aligned with college expectations due to the AP Course Audit and the standardized test in May for each subject. Because of the close alignment with college expectations, many colleges evaluate candidates for admission and scholarships based on their participation in AP coursework. For that reason, students seeking admission to selective schools and/or honors programs will want to select AP coursework that best fits their interests and goals.

By graduation, approximately 60 percent of USJ students have participated in AP coursework with 86 percent obtaining AP's passing score of 3+. USJ adheres to the College Board's Equity and Access policy when scheduling students in AP classes.

The cost per AP course is $120 and students are responsible for any books or materials required for the class. These courses appear on the USJ transcript as Advanced Placement and are given one point additional weight on the GPA.


Jackson State Community College Joint Enrollment

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University School of Jackson partners with Jackson State Community College to offer joint enrollment coursework to USJ students on the JSCC campus or through the JSCC online learning option. USJ students can continue to take JSCC joint enrollment courses concurrently with their USJ coursework.

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, USJ will offer an elective course to junior and senior students interested in taking a JSCC online course during the fall and/or spring semesters. A USJ faculty member will act as a facilitator in the course, helping students navigate the JSCC J-Web and E-Learn online course management platforms and working with students on turning in college-level assignments. In addition to overseeing the JSCC work, the course will include project management, standardized test prep, and life skills components.

USJ students enrolled in a JSCC online class may take this pass/fail course once per semester in the 11th and 12th grades and earn .5 credits that will count towards the elective credits needed for graduation. The grade earned in the JSCC course will not appear on the USJ transcript. The only option for a student to receive USJ credit in conjunction with a JSCC class is for the student to enroll in the elective pass/fail course at USJ.

The Tennessee Dual Enrollment grant offsets part of the cost of the class, and a JSCC dual enrollment scholarship takes care of the remainder of the JSCC tuition and fees for the first two dual-enrollment courses. (*There is a price increase for subsequent courses. See the link below for details regarding the TN Dual Enrollment Grant). The student is responsible for any books or materials needed for the course as well as any communication with the instructor of the course.

The student must meet the JSCC dual enrollment criteria for admission. The student will follow the JSCC academic calendar for enrollment and drop/add dates.



The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is based on the premise that some individuals enrolling in college have already learned part of what is taught in college through job training, independent reading and studying, and/or advanced high school courses. CLEP provides those individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material by taking exams that assess the knowledge and skills taught in college courses.

The CLEP Official Study Guide contains sample questions and an answer key for each exam as well as helpful advice for determining which CLEP test(s) you should attempt. In addition, CLEP has a demonstration video that walks test takers through the internet-based testing experience. You can access the CLEP tutorial video here:

Click here to access the CLEP website.


Students can take a CLEP test at any point in their educational experience. The credit is banked and does not expire. CLEP credit will not appear on the USJ transcript, and students should check their prospective colleges and universities' policies on CLEP credit. Union University is the nearest CLEP test center, for information on testing, go online here .

Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG)

The link below details the guidelines and grant levels for Tennessee high school students who wish to use the DEG. Students and/or their parents are responsible for meeting the Tennessee deadlines for completing the DEG and creating the TSAC online portal. USJ teachers and administration cannot complete the DEG grant or create the TSAC portal for a student.

Dual Enrollment Guidelines Pricing and grant information is determined by the partnering university or college and can change at any time.


Important to Note: The transfer of credit is based on each university's guidelines. Most colleges and university websites define their policies regarding credits earned in high school. If you have questions about the transferability of credits, contact the college's registrar for more information.

USJ College Advising will send transcripts to JSCC. The student can have College Advising send their ACT/SAT scores or choose to have those scores sent directly from the testing agency. The student will need to complete a Dual Enrollment Document Request Form with College Advising. Please allow five business days for the documents to be sent.

For More Information

Carol Ryan
Director of College Advising

[email protected]

Shannon Whisenant
Assistant Director of College Advising

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Lori Howell
College Advising Assistant

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