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The Academic Center is dedicated to assisting our students who have slight learning differences and also functions as a resource to all students, parents, and teachers in the USJ community. Now that the programs are in place, students will begin completing placement assessments and begin instruction over the first five weeks of school. By Christmas, students in the LS, MS, and HS will be receiving services from the Center.

"In February, I had the opportunity to attend The Learning Differences Round-Table Conference held at Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood, TN. It was exciting to have conversations with other directors who share a common vision! Attending allowed for confirmation of choices we have already made, as well as, provided an opportunity to learn of other best practices and products that will broaden our scope of service", says Christy Glenn.

The workspace in the Center is beginning to take shape and will provide a "cognitive friendly" atmosphere for our students. The space will also serve as a hub for teachers, who would like to meet concerning a student or learn more about instructing students with slight learning differences in general. Manipulatives, media, and literature will be available on-site to reference or check-out as needed.

As we are preparing for prevention and intervention instructional services, it is necessary to develop systems to maintain order and thoroughness. Thus, protocols are being designed, that when placed into action, will help to systematically evaluate each student's unique situation with careful consideration of academic screenings, assessments, interviews, observations, medical reports, and psychological evaluations. Streamlining the process will take time, however, it is necessary to be sure all referred students are served well.

Realizing the importance of communication and collaboration, our Academic Center will also serve as a liaison between the classroom teachers, parents/guardians, USJ directors, counselors, therapists, and other support service personnel invested in the success of students who are receiving services from the Center.

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