University School of Jackson

Faculty & Staff

Name Title Email
Adair Hardegree MS/US Cheerleading Coach [email protected]
Anna McPeake Middle School Art [email protected]
Annie Hayes Junior Cubs/Cubs [email protected]
Arthur Priddy Upper School Cross Country Coach [email protected]
Becky Baskin Assistant to the Head of School [email protected]
Billy Hight 6th Grade Science, MS Boys Head Basketball Coach [email protected]
Briamst Castro US Soccer Assistant Coach, MS Soccer Coach [email protected]
Brian Henson Head Golf Coach [email protected]
Brian Stephenson Building and Grounds Assistant [email protected]g
Bridget Clark Upper School English, AP Literature, English Department Chair [email protected]
Bryce King Middle School Mathematics, US Assistant Football Coach [email protected]
Bubba Cates Upper School Math Teacher [email protected]
Carol Ryan Director of College Advising [email protected]
Cathy Garrett Assistant Director of Development, Director of Alumni Relations [email protected]
Christie Golden Upper School Mathematics, Upper School Science, Upper School Athletics Trainer [email protected]
Christy Glenn Jones Academic Center Director [email protected]
Cindy Bell MS/US Librarian [email protected]
Clare Markos Junior Cubs Lead Teacher [email protected]
Clayton Gant Head Baseball Coach, Middle School Physical Education [email protected]
Cori Rose Junior Kindergarten [email protected]
Courtney Winn Second Grade Lead Teacher [email protected]
Darlene Tanner Junior Cubs-1st Grade Art [email protected]
David Suber Upper School Director [email protected]
Debbie Anton Upper/Middle School Guidance Counselor, AP Psychology [email protected]
Deirdre Hatcher Middle School Girls Basketball Coach [email protected]
Dian Eddleman Middle School Music, Middle and Upper School Choirs [email protected]
Don Roe Head of School [email protected]
Dorothea Spates Cleaning Services
Elizabeth Atkins 2nd-5th Grade Music, Federal Funds Coordinator [email protected]
Elizabeth Maloan Science Lab Coordinator/Instructor, JAC Structured Literacy Instructor [email protected]
Emily Bullyard Assistant Volleyball Coach
Emily Goette 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Emily Richards 6th Grade English [email protected]
Erica Davidson Upper School Theater, Lower School Spanish [email protected]
Erin Wagner Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Human Resources [email protected]
Faith Dixon Director of After School Care & Camp Bruins [email protected]
Farzaneh Kaveh Junior Cubs Assistant
Hailey Eldridge Kindergarten [email protected]
Hayley Wilkerson Assistant to the Middle School Director [email protected]
Heather Crook 7th Grade Science, Study Skills [email protected]
Heidi McDaniel Lower School Technology, Registrar [email protected]
Hillary Dalton US English, Yearbook Advisor [email protected]
Holly Brown 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Holly Chumney Middle School Girls Basketball Assistant Coach
Holly Johnson Junior Kindergarten [email protected]
Holly Stroup Assistant Lower School Director and Early Childhood Coordinator [email protected]
Jada Perkins US Girls Basketball Assistant Coach
Jaime Jones Upper School French [email protected]
James Hannis Maintenance Assistant
Jamie Pledger 5th Grade Teacher, Assistant Softball Coach [email protected]
Jane Ramer Upper School Science Department Chair, AP Biology, Biology [email protected]
Janet Thomas Toddler Class Lead Teacher [email protected]
Jason Strandquist Social Sciences Department Chair, AP U.S. History, U.S. History, Criminal Justice, History In Film, and 20th Century Studies [email protected]
Jayme Spencer Cubs Assistant
Jennifer Sammons Kindergarten [email protected]
Jessica Barton Lower School Receptionist, Digital Communications Specialist, Student Health Assistant [email protected]
Jim Hardegree Associate Head of School, Upper School Dean of Students [email protected]
Jimmy A. Glosson Upper School Foreign Language Department Chair, Upper School Spanish, AP Spanish [email protected]
Jo Ann Latimore Kindergarten Assistant
Joe Grace Maintenance
Joey Stoner Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Judy Sanderson Upper School Physics, AP Physics [email protected]
Julie Martin Accounts Payable, Lunch Accounts Manager [email protected]
Karen Morganti Cubs [email protected]
Kathy Brandt Kindergarten [email protected]
Kathy Davis 7th Grade English, 6th Grade Literature [email protected]
Kathy Weiner Infant Class Assistant
Kay Thomson 2nd-5th Grade Art [email protected]
Kellie Byrd 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Kelly Breazeale 4th Grade [email protected]
Kim Garland Infant Class Assistant
Kim Rainey Upper School Assistant [email protected]
Kristin Horner 2nd Grade [email protected]
Krystal Butler US Chemistry [email protected]
Kyle Hopper Technology [email protected]
Kyle Williams Upper School World History, AP European History, MS/US Assistant Football Coach [email protected]
Laura Moore Director of Admissions [email protected]
Lauren Green Kindergarten Assistant
Lauren Yancey The JAC Assistant Director, Structured Literacy Instructor, HWT Instructor [email protected]
Lee Lynn Campbell 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Leslie Garrett 5th Grade [email protected]
Leslie Scott Junior Cubs-1st Grade Music [email protected]
Libby Lynch Upper School Art, Department Chair [email protected]
Linda Yates 2nd Grade [email protected]
Lindsey Langford Toddler Lead Instructor
Lisa Cates Lower School Assistant [email protected]
Lisa Evans Middle School Cross Country Coach [email protected]
Lisa Marley 2nd Grade [email protected]
Loretta Reasons Infant Class Lead Teacher [email protected]
Lori Howell College Advising Assistant [email protected]
Lori McKinnie 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Louise Dunn Lower School Director [email protected]
Margaret Livingston Middle School Director [email protected]
Marley Skelton Cubs Assistant
Martha Sheffield Head Volleyball Coach [email protected]
Mary Ann Giampapa Director of Student Health [email protected]
Mary Anne Ward Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus [email protected]
Mary Claire Hancock 7th grade Mathematics [email protected]
Matt Pledger 6th Grade History Teacher [email protected]
Megan Travis Infant Class Assistant
Melissa Zerfoss Director of Summer Programs [email protected]
Michael Stroup Athletic Director, Head US Football Coach [email protected]
Michelle Boykin 4th Grade [email protected]
Nice Panthofer US/MS Spanish [email protected]
Nick Stamper Assistant Athletic Director, Upper School/Middle School Strength and Conditioning, US Assistant Football Coach [email protected]
Pam Howard Toddlers Assistant
Pam Stanfield Director of Community Outreach [email protected]
Paul Conway US World Issues, Speech, US Soccer Coach, LS French, MS Physical Education [email protected]
Philip Dunn Facilities Director [email protected]
Rachel Thomas Upper School Spanish [email protected]
Ranee Jones Cubs [email protected]
Rebecca Powers Middle School Spanish [email protected]
Regina Sills 3th Grade [email protected]
Rob Platt Upper School English, MS Assistant Football Coach [email protected]
Russ Ellis Chief Development Officer [email protected]
Ruth Ann Morrison 8th Grade English [email protected]
Ryan Joyce Technology [email protected]
Ryan Yeates Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach [email protected]
Sally Rogers 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Sally Slack Toddler Class Lead Teacher [email protected]
San Pearson Front Desk Receptionist [email protected]
Sara Kazempour Infant Class Assistant
Scott Tinker Upper School Broadcast Journalism, Middle School Computer [email protected]
Shannon Scarbrough Jr Cubs Lead Teacher [email protected]
Shannon Whisenant Assistant Director of College Advising [email protected]
Shay Young 6th Grade Mathematics [email protected]
Shelby Bailey Lower School School Counselor [email protected]
Sherri Brauss 8th Grade Science [email protected]
Shilpa Jinturkar Junior Cubs Floating Assistant
Shonda Vargason 7th Grade World History [email protected]
Spencer Nelson Assistant Baseball Coach, 8th Grade History [email protected]
Steve Stroud Head Softball Coach [email protected]
Summer Ferguson 1st Grade [email protected]
Sylvia Bell Lower School Receptionist [email protected]
Tammy Grant AP Music Theory, Musical Theater Director, 9th Grade Choir [email protected]
Ted Measley Head Upper School Tennis Coach [email protected]
Tina Anderson 5th Grade [email protected]
Tina Plunk Upper School Math, Math Department Chair [email protected]
Tom Grant MS/US Band, Music Department Chair [email protected]
Tony Shutes Head US Girls Basketball Coach, 1st-5th Physical Education and Health [email protected]
Vicki Wilson Junior Kindergarten [email protected]
Wendy Scott Toddler Lead Teacher [email protected]
Wenesday Ketron 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Whitney Meriwether Upper School English, AP Language and Composition [email protected]
Zeina Adams Kindergarten Assistant

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