West Tennessee's College Preparatory School

University School of Jackson is West Tennessee's college preparatory school. It offers a challenging curriculum in a nurturing and safe environment. We educate students from infancy through the 12th Grade. From the child-centered environment inb the Lower School to the college advanced placement courses in Upper School, USJ offers your child an education that will prepare him for college … and success in life. Learn more.

U.S. Army All-American Bowl Jersey Presentation

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl Jersey Presentation for USJ senior Charles Campbell will be Thursday, September 28th from 12:45 p.m.- 1:10 p.m in the Upper School gym. Representatives from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl will execute the jersey presentation and officially invite a USJ football coach of Charles’ choice to attend the bowl in San Antonio, Texas. This will be a memorable event for Charles and his family.

The Future of Education at USJ

I spent the summer researching trends in independent school education. In my previous life in the military as well as my time spent in the banking sector, we always studied trends. In the Army, leading up to the Gulf War, we studied the trends of the Iraqi Republican Guard. We looked at how they would respond in particular situations and trained accordingly. In the banking sector, we always paid attention to economic trends, interest rates, etc. When I first got back into education thirteen years ago, I found it odd that schools didn’t really pay attention to trends in education. Read More

Brandt Named Educator of the Week

Kathy Brandt, Junior Cubs teacher, was named WBBJ's Educator of the Week. This made her eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery, Educator of the Month Award. Mrs. Brandt says, “Being recognized as Educator of the Week came as a complete surprise to me. It was so encouraging to be recognized in a profession that I absolutely love. I am grateful for all the parents who entrust their sweet children to the USJ faculty.” Congratulations, Mrs. Brandt!

Staffing Changes for 2017-18

We are pleased to announce Cathy Garrett’s acceptance of the Director of Alumni Relations position. Cathy already serves as the Assistant Director of Development for the school. “The fusion of the two positions seemed like a natural progression as we continue to engage our alumni families in the development of USJ,” says Mr. Hirstein. Cathy is the parent of two USJ alums, Anna and Alex. Her husband Charlie is a past chairman of the board of trustees. Read More

Literacy at USJ: A Workshop Approach

This fall, we are excited to launch a workshop approach to literacy at USJ. This is a world-renowned method, used in premier schools around the United States and the world. This approach originated at Columbia University under the guidance of Lucy Calkins, who built on years of research in the development of reading and writing skills in students. Read More


Students Take on Canada

Upper School French students embarked on USJ’s inaugural Canadian Study Program in Québec during the summer of 2017. Students enjoyed excursions such as whale watching in Tadoussac, a weekend trip to Montrèal, and visiting a real native American reservation along with other cultural and social activities while going to immersion classes in Québec City. Read More