Meet the Cast

 Lauren Hailey

Say hello to senior Lauren Hailey who is playing Esther Jane. Hailey's character has a sweet school crush on Ralphie

  1. Tell me something about you no one knows.
    I have a slight case of stage fright and I am deathly afraid of grasshoppers.
  2. What is your favorite scene in the show?
    My favorite scene to watch is when the old man thinks that Ralphie is blink, and my favorite scene that I am in is the one where Helen tells me that Ralph Parker likes me because Allison and I have always had a lot of fun doing that scene.
  3. What will you take away from the show?
    Don't ever stick your tongue to a lamppost in the winter.

Harrison Hamm

Harrison Hamm is playing "Schwartz" who is one of Ralphie's best friends. We asked Harrison a few questions and here is what he had to say.

  1. Out of all the shows you've been in, what's your favorite?
    My favorite show I've been in would probably have to be Annie in which I played Oliver Warbucks. The cast was excellent, and it was my first show where I had a main role at USJ.
  2. What is your favorite line in the show?
    My favorite line in A Christmas Story is definitely when Flick jumps into the conversation during Ralphie's "jungle dream" and says, "Indiana monsoons are unforgiving!"
  3. Had you seen the movie, A Christmas Story, prior to auditioning?
    Before auditioning I had never seen A Christmas Story. My parents had never been a fan of the movie and didn't bother showing me. I ended up trying to watch it on YouTube before auditioning, but sadly I fell asleep sometime after Ralphie told his mom that my character, Schwartz, told him THE word.