All-State Honor Choirs/Orchestra


Students selected to the All-State Choir were Meredith Maroney, Marisa Mariencheck, Molly Morris, Clara Mariencheck, Chris Burton, and Sydney Paris.


USJ choral students selected for the All-State Choir were Meredith Maroney, Angelica Marks, and Hannah Aherrera; second row, Marisa Mariencheck, John Villarreal, and Ryan Sanderson; and back row, Austin Orr, Director Dian Eddleman, and Chris Weiner.


The USJ Tennessee All-State Choral students were Meredith Maroney, Christophe Nabhan, Clare Williams, Drew Brantley, Kirstie Finch, John Villarreal, Rebecca Rogers, Connor Simmons, Claire Jaggers, Chris Burton, Lindsay Smith, and Chris Weiner.


All-State choir first chair honors went to Lindsay Smith and Rebecca Rogers. Second chair honors went to Connor Simmons, Hannah Aherrera, and Drew Brantley. Third chair honors went to Lance McGee and Ryan Sanderson. Other USJ students named to the choir include Claire Jaggers, Chris Burton, John Villarreal, Chris Weiner, Austin Orr, Clare Williams, Cory Johnson, Meredith Maroney, Brigham Short, Christophe Nabhan, Will Buckley, Kirstie Finch, and Austin Rolison.


  • Tennessee All-State Women's Choir: Sally Sikes
  • Tennessee All-State Mixed Choir: Mackenzie Paris, Abbey Orr, Rebecca Rogers, Grace Howard, Connor Simmons, Christopher Elizer, Drew Brantley, and Lance McGee
  • Tennessee All-State Band: Joey Moore


Earning positions in the All-State choirs/orchestra were Jade James-Gist, All-State Orchestra, violin; Natalie Wilson, All-State Choir; Kyndal Gray, alternate, All-State Choir; Carol Ann Head, alternate, All-State Choir; Logan Jolley, All-State Choir; Audrey Hazelhurst, All-State Orchestra, violin; Nathan Grimm, All-State Choir; Eric Dietz, alternate, All-State Choir; and Joey Moore, All-State Orchestra, trumpet.


Congratulations to Camilla Bratton, Bradford Carrington, and Nathan Grimm for being selected to the 2008 All-State Honor Choir and to Ellen Appleton for being selected to the All-State Orchestra. Alternates chosen for the All-State Choir are Mary Haynes, Keely McMahon, Victoria Farnsworth, Brennan Torstrick, Lauren McGee, Justin Harrison, Jordan Perchik, Alex Camp, William Teer, and Colton Norton.


Three USJ students were chosen for All-State Honor Choir, and two were chosen as alternates. Choir members were Kathryn Roach, Ashley Freeland, and Ben Gaines, and alternates were Natalie Wilson and Joey Easterling.


Ten USJ students were chosen to participate in the 2006 All-State Choirs in Nashville. They were Bradford Carrington, Grant Wallace, Laura Salazar, Joey Easterling, Laurel Meriwether, Mary Haynes, Kathryn Roach, Ben Gaines, Mark Akin, and Brendan White. Chosen as alternates were Danny Grimm, Will Dement, and Greg Pearson.