PAL Basketball League

The PAL League is an organization that was formed more than 25 years ago to give players an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball. A strong emphasis is put on instruction of skills and good sportsmanship while our number one goal is to have fun.

Alan Salee is in charge of PAL basketball.

PAL Basketball Season

PAL Basketball Season...... begins in January and ends in February. All games are played on Saturdays. Teams are formed by Thanksgivng and have a minimum of one practice per week for one hour. Practices begin after Thanksgiving break at USJ's lower school gyms. Please note that some coaches choose to have addtional practice sessions.     
Teams are grouped by grade as follows:
K coed (4 on 4; 8 ft goals): Requires a 27-inch size ball
• Grades 1-2 Girls (8 ft goals): Requires a 28.5 girls-size ball
• Grades 1-2 Boys (8 ft goals): Requires a 28.5 girls-size ball
• Grades 3-4 Girls (full court 9 ft goals): Requires a 28.5 girls-size ball
• Grades 3-4 Boys  (full court 9 ft goals): Requires a 28.5 girls-size ball

Kindergarten teams are appointed.
First- through fourth-grade teams are formed by a coaches-only draft where players are chosen from a list of registered athletes.

Signup fee is $40 PER PLAYER.

PAL League Rules

1. All games open with a prayer.
2. All players are to be enrolled as a full-time student at the school they are playing for.
3. It is recommended that all players should play the equivalent of at least ONE quarter.
4. Teams are allowed two time outs in each half.
5. 1 and 1 free throws are shot in all age groups except Kindergarten on the 7th team foul. The double bonus is in effect on the 10th team foul of each half.
6.  Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls and considered “fouled out” or ineligible for the remainder of the game and any overtime period, except in the K league where no fouls are recorded.
7.  Overtimes will be 1 minute long and each team is awarded an additional time out.
8.  Coaches are not allowed on the court at any time, except in the K league. Stepping onto the court to confront an official will result in an automatic technical foul. Coaches will be asked to leave the gym after 2 technical fouls.
9.   Each team is allowed two coaches on the bench, with only one allowed to stand in the coaching box at any given time. Each team will receive one warning per game, then and automatic technical foul will be called. Coaches will be asked to leave the gym after 2 technical fouls.
10.  Each teams head coach will be responsible for his/ her conduct, in addition to the team’s assistant coach, players, and parents. Any unruly behavior by a player, coach, or parent will result in a warning and be brought to the attention of the team’s head coach. Any further disturbance or unruly behavior will result in a technical foul if the infraction is a result of a player or coach’s action, or the immediate ejection of an unruly parent.