Big Orange Bus Tour

The Big Orange Bus Tour came to USJ on Thursday, September 24, while traveling the state of Tennessee from the tri-city area to Memphis on a seven-stop tour. Lower School students dressed in orange and white lined the sidewalks to cheer as Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and the rest of his team drove through the campus. Chancellor Cheek exited the bus to chants and applause from students and faculty alike before entering the auditorium to explain to USJ students why the University of Tennessee at Knoxville was the college for them. The team from Knoxville threw T-shirts to the crowd of excited students while discussing the merits of UTK.

Perhaps the biggest moment of the day happened when Chancellor Cheek hand-delivered admittance letters to USJ’s senior early admission applicants: Renee Bearb, Tricia Burtt, Amanda Cooper, and Gray Northern. The event was an exciting one for the entire campus and one that USJ hopes to hold again in the future.