Junior Year Student Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire before your Junior College Advising meeting. When you submit your completed questionnaire, below, it will be sent to Carol Ryan, Director of College Advising. Please schedule your Junior family meeting after submitting the student and parent questionnaire!

We realize the questionnaire is lengthy and detailed, but these questions are designed to help USJ's College Advising Office know you better so that we may guide you as you begin to build a list of colleges to explore. A well thought-out questionnaire provides the best material to support your letter of recommendation, so please allow ample time to provide genuine and insightful responses. There are not responses that you "should" give--the best responses are the ones that reflect YOUR personality and views!

Student Name

E-Mail Address

General Questions:

1. What grade were you in when you started to attend USJ?

2. In what city were you born?

3. Have you attended other schools? If so, please name them and provide their location(s).

4. What is your father’s name, occupation and employer? 

5. Did your father attend college? If so, which colleges?

6. What is your mother’s name, occupation and employer?

7. Did your mother attend college? If so, which colleges?

8. Do you have siblings? If so, please provide their names, ages, and the names of the colleges that they currently attend or attended in the past.

9. Please list your three favorite activities. Do you wish to continue any of these activities in college?

10. Please list any leadership positions that you have held in the last three years.

11. Have you held a job in the last three years? If so, be sure to identify your job title, and the dates during which you held the job. What did you learn from this job?  What was the best thing about it? What was the worst thing about it?

12. List any interesting places that you have traveled. What did you find interesting about these places?

13. List any academic, athletic, artistic or musical honors that you have won in the last three years.

14. How have you spent your time during the last two summers? What are your plans for this summer?

15. If you had to choose the accomplishment of which you are most proud, which would you choose?

16. What would you like to study in college? Please indicate academic majors in which you have an interest.

17. Which careers interest you most, and what makes you interested in these careers? (What do you want to be when you grow up?)

18. Do you see yourself going to college by yourself, with a few people you know, or with many people you know?

19. What college experiences are important to you?  (Greek life, study abroad, intramurals, etc.)

20. Which colleges have you visited so far? What did you like or dislike about each college?

21. Which colleges do you hope to consider, and why?  What attracts you to each college?

Questions Related to Goals, Values, and Academics

22. What aspects of USJ have you enjoyed most? What aspects of USJ have you enjoyed the least?

23. What values are most important to you? What do you care about most? Why?

24. How do you define success? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments to date? What do you wish to accomplish in the future?

25. Which events, people, or experiences have shaped your growth and your way of thinking? How have they done so?

26. If your closest friends were asked to describe you, which adjectives might they use? What do your friends say they like most about you?  Provide examples of how you demonstrate these qualities.

27. Which courses have you enjoyed the most and why?

28. Which courses have been the most difficult for you?

29. Up to this point, have you worked to your potential in the Upper School? If not, what changes would you like to make?

30. Discuss an interest/passion.  What have you done in class and/or outside of class to pursue this interest/passion?

31. Has a class, idea or event ever changed your thinking?  Please share details.

32. Has a teacher significantly influenced you?  If so, please share details of how and why.

33. Are there any extenuating circumstances that have affected your academic performance?  If so, please explain with as much detail as possible.

34. What makes for a “good day” in your life? (Please be descriptive.)

35. What specific personal traits would you hope the college counselors would highlight in the letter of recommendation sent to colleges?

36. Describe a mistake you have made or a challenge you have faced.  What did you learn through this experience?

37. Please describe the best advice you have ever received.

38. What are your most noticeable shortcomings?

39. Describe three of your positive qualities. Rather than listing, please give examples of how you demonstrate these qualities.

40. Please give an example of a failure, disappointment or criticism and how you reacted to it.

41. List five people that have influenced you and how they have influenced you.

42. List three virtues that you admire and respect.

43. Describe three significant lessons you have learned.

44. Discuss a failure that has taught you something.

45. Discuss your definition of happiness.

46. What is your “one sentence” philosophy of life?

47. List five things special about you.

48. Name five places that impress you and why they impress you.

49. What would you do with a free afternoon tomorrow?

50. What do you wish you were better at doing or being?

51. What is something that has changed your mind in the last three years?

52. What attribute of your personality are you most proud of, and how has it impacted your life so far?

53. What matters to you, and why?

54. Describe yourself to a stranger.

55. Describe a fear you have conquered.

56. List three goals you have in life.

57. What questions have you always wanted answered and why?

58. If you could write one paragraph that is included in the counselor letter of recommendation, what would it be? (Please avoid vague references to “motivated,” “wonderful,” and “special.”)

Reflection and Summary

In a paragraph or two, describe what sort of academic and social environment you are looking for in a college.