Standardized Testing

USJ uses testing to ascertain both student and school performance in reference to peers.

Testing begins with the Otis Lennon School Ability Test for second graders, which is given again in fifth and eighth grades. This intelligence test given in the spring is designed to create a picture of students' thinking and reasoning skills, which allows us, as a school, to design instructional programming that is both challenging and stimulating.

ERB tests, which specifically test the amount of verbal and quantitative skills retained in the classroom, are given in grades three through eight in the fall.

Starting in eighth grade, USJ starts preparing students for college admissions testing in the spring with the EXPLORE test, which is based on the ACT and designed specifically for this age group. The test covers math, English, reading comprehension, and science reasoning.

The PSAT is given to 10th and 11th graders in the fall. It is formulated from the SAT and is used to identify juniors who qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. In their junior year, students collectively register for and then take both the ACT and/or the SAT tests.