Technology in the Classroom

USJ teachers use technology extensively in their classes. Technology Integration Specialist Mary Ellen Kelley collects examples of how different faculty members approach teaching.

Dana Simmons, Seventh Grade English

  • headline 1iMovie: Using propaganda techniques, students created commercials that would be relevant to the society of the novel "Among the Hidden." They had to film and edit using iMovie.

  • Word and Dropbox via NetClassroom: Simmons uses this almost every day. All assignments turned in via Dropbox must be MLA formatted, so students learn spacing, fonts, and all of the basics, including page numbers.

  • Google Docs: Simmons uses a Google form for bell work every day. She posts the link to the form on her faculty website. When students submit their answers, she immediately sees them on a spreadsheet.

Katie Ramer, Upper School English

  • headline 1Edmodo: This is a free website that allows teachers to create sites dedicated to their students. Students can be divided by classes or integrated together. The teacher can assign Snapshot assessments related to common core standards for subject areas, create quizzes that are automatically scored, assign polls for the class to participate in, create discussion boards, upload assignments, etc.¬†

  • Google Groups: In this platform, the teacher creates a group and invites students to participate. The teacher can post topics of discussion on the discussion board and have students respond as a form of informal or formal assessment. The teacher can also send emails to the group or invite the students to take online quizzes or surveys through the use of Google Docs.

  • Prezi: An online presentation creator that allows for the user to integrate images, links, video, audio, and text content to present information in a new and exciting way.

Anna Powell, Upper School Spanish and Criminal Justice

  • headline A real-time poll used at the end of her classes to gauge understanding of that day’s lesson. She also uses it as a review tool before tests.

  • Online Databases: Using platforms such as JSTOR and TEL, students in her criminal justice class have done several mini-projects where they had to research a certain topic and report their findings to the class.

  • iMovie and Garage Band: Students make creative videos and record themselves using grammar and vocabulary in context.

Mike Baskin, Middle School Spanish and French

  • headline 1Dropbox: Students complete their work using Microsoft Word and submit their assignments electronically. Dropbox organizes the assignments by class periods.¬†Using his interactive projector, he allows students to present their assignments and work to the class.

  • General Websites: His students use general sites to collect information about Spanish-speaking countries. The process also teaches students how to complete Internet research.