Seventh Grade

2016 Duke TIPS Participants Announced

The following is a list of current 7th graders who have qualified for this year's Duke Talent Identification Program (TIPS). They comprise roughly 48% of the current 7th grade class. Talent search participants are those students who scored at or above the 95th percentile in at least one qualifying subtest on their yearly standardized testing. Duke TIPS attempts to identify those students who, at an early age, have demonstrated academic achievement and offer them enrichment opportunities to supplement their classroom learning. They are also invited to take the ACT or SAT along with their high school counterparts. Those students are as follows:

2016 Duke TIP Participants

  • Claudia Amos
  • Anna Crockett
  • Michael Crockett
  • John Dougan
  • Blair Driver
  • Ani Garabedian
  • Hudson Hamm
  • Sadie Hanna
  • Mae Howell
  • Carly Ingram
  • Elle Jerge
  • Brendan Kayal
  • Kelsa Lunsford
  • Connor McCarver
  • James Mitchell
  • Drew Morris
  • Mina Nair
  • Shrey Patel
  • Gracen Rainey
  • Hadley Roten
  • Michael Saridakis
  • Solomon Scott
  • Clay Sweo
  • Gracyn VanWinkle
  • Christian Wilcox
  • Caroline Wilkerson

Students Recognized by Duke Talent Identification Program

Several students in the seventh-grade class earned recognition from the prestigious Duke University academic program for gifted students.

Braden Sallee earned Grand Recognition, a national honor for students who scored in the highest 3 percent of the Duke Talent Identification Program. He was invited to Duke University for the ceremony.

Mary Humphrey (from the 2015 Talent Search), Megan Everson, Sara Mitchell, Sydney Sellers, Amar Boparai, Brenden Wilcox, Ethan Persons, Kizer Robertson, Mohid Tanveer, Braden Sallee, Baker Northern, Saeed Dardas, and Eli Hosford earned State Recognition, which is reserved for students who score in the top 38 percent. These students attended a ceremony at Vanderbilt University honoring their achievement.

Duke TIP Participants

  • Amar Boparai
  • Jenna Box
  • Luke Buchanan
  • Marion Callaway
  • Reagan Carney
  • Saeed Dardas
  • Armond Etghayi
  • Megan Everson
  • Abby Frix
  • Emily Hailey
  • Sarah Hanna
  • Zakary Henson
  • Landon Hooper
  • Eli Hosford
  • Madeline Jones
  • Livvie Leeper
  • Matthew Lui
  • Meg Miller
  • Sara Mitchell
  • Lisa Nnaji
  • Baker Northern
  • Ikenna Oleru
  • Ethan Persons
  • Emma Richards
  • Kizer Robertson
  • Braden Sallee
  • Davis Sallee
  • Sydney Sellers
  • Savannah Tabor
  • Mohid Tanveer
  • Holland VanBuuren
  • Cooper Whitworth
  • Brenden Wilcox

Exciting Literary Happenings for USJ’s Seventh Graders

This year marks a change for USJ seventh graders. For years, students have read Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer as part of their English class curriculum. Teacher Dana Simmons decided to do something different this year, integrating Tennessee author Vince Vawter’s 2014 Newbery Honor book Paperboy into her class.

Honorary Page at the House of Representatives

Vincent Stanfill, a seventh grader, was invited to be an honorary page at the House of Representatives, by Representative Steve McDaniel Vincent took a picture with Beth Harwell (speaker of the house) and Representative Steve McDaniel.