Electronic Databases

USJ offers its students and parents access to several multi-discipline databases for research and projects.

Many of the databases listed below are password protected. If you do not have USJ's login credentials, please contact your teacher or school librarian and we will be happy to help you!


JSTOR is our premier database for academic research!
JSTOR provides access to thousands of scholarly journals across all disciplines.

Tennessee Electronic Library

The Tennessee Electronic Library provides access to over 60 databases. You can search many of these simultaneously using Gale PowerSearch or you can choose from a complete list of databases. Note: if you do not know USJ's password, you can bypass it.

Gale PowerSearch accesses 32 academic databases simultaneously.
The best way to search the Tennessee Electronic Library!
Research in Context
Great database for middle-schoolers just beginning to do research.
World Book Encyclopedia
The online version of the acclaimed World Book Encyclopedia.
Literature Resource Center
Find biographies, overviews, literary criticism and reviews.
LearningExpress Library
Practice tests and tutorials for the ACT, SAT, more.  •  see how to log in

Facts on File Databases

American History Online
Highlights important people and events from 500+ years of American history.
Ancient and Medieval History Online
Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory through the 1500s.
Modern World History Online
Covers the broad expanse of world history from the 15th century to present.
Issues & Controversies in American History
Builds a deeper understanding of how historical events shaped our nation.
World Geography and Culture Online
A global approach to the study of countries, cultures, and geography.
Health Reference Center
Clear information on conditions and diseases, health, and wellness.
Science Online
Covers a broad range of scientific disciplines using multimedia and content.
Today's Science
Goes beyond the classroom to the discoveries innovating science today.
Bloom’s Literature
Examines the influential writers, works, and movements of world literature.
Writer's Reference Center
Provides an essential one-stop online reference for writers.
Issues & Controversies
Provides exclusive, extensive coverage of hundreds of today's hot topics.
World News Digest
Authoritative world news coverage from 1940 through today.

Other Web Resources

National Geographic Index Search
Searchable index of National Geographic articles.
Publisher of literature and poetry with information for students.
Turn It In
Upload your papers and assignments for many of your USJ classes.