Random Acts of Guidance

Online posts by Guidance Counselor Debbie Anton

Tweet, blog, post, e-mail — the possibilities are limitless for how a guidance counselor can communicate with parents, faculty, and students in the “gotta-get-it-now” world we live in. Recognizing that most of us are now “mediavores*,” it would be wise to get in on the fun!

One thing about guidance counselors — we always have something we want to share, and it is always of the utmost importance! Owning this fact, I have decided to begin a series of random posts about very important topics I feel compelled to share.

Naturally, I want to hear from anyone who reads them and to make my blog open for questions that I can answer so everyone can benefit. I invite you to read and comment via e-mail. I would love to hear from you!

Debbie Anton
MS/US Guidance Counselor

*A term coined by Tim Elmore, author of Generation iY, Our Last Chance To Save Their Future — I highly recommend this book.