Upper School Faculty

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Director Benjamin Murphy email
Secretary Kim Rainey email
Dean of Students Jim Hardegree email
Director of College Advising Carol Ryan email
Asst Director of College Advising Shannon Whisenant
College Advising Assistant Lori Howell email
Guidance Counselor Debbie Anton email
Technology Integration Specialist Mary Ellen Kelley email
Upper/Middle School Librarian Cindy Bell email
Computer Science Department Danielle Boyd email
  Scott Tinker email
English Department Bridget Clark, Chair email
  Paul Conway email
  Linda Hawks email
  Rob Platt email
  Katie Ramer email
Visual Arts Department Libby Lynch, Chair email
  Anna McPeake email
Foreign Language Department Jimmy Glosson, Chair email
  Nice Panthofer email
  Teresa Floch email
  Anna Powell email
  Mark West email
Mathematics Department Don Newman, Chair email
  Christie Golden email
  Carla Roach email
  Mary Anne Ward email
  Dr. Steven Swanson email
Performing Arts Department Tom Grant, Chair email
  Erica Davidson email
  Dian Eddleman email
  Dr. Tammy Grant email
Science Department Jane Ramer, Chair email
  Jennifer Daniel email
  Christie Golden email
  Judy Sanderson email
Social Studies Department Don Roe, Chair email
  Paul Conway email
  Mickey Marley email
  Anna Powell email
  Oliver Simmons email
  Kyle Williams email
 Physical Education Oliver Simmons email
  Nick Stamper email