Stuart Hirstein to Participate in Columbia University’s Heads of School Program

Head of School Stuart Hirstein has received a fellowship to participate in Columba University’s Klingenstein Center’s 2016 Heads of School Program. The two-week intensive program will provide Hirstein with the chance to attend classes and planned activities, including weekend and cultural events.

Hirstein was selected from a substantial and talented pool of national and international applicants and will become part of a distinguished group of over 300 school heads that have previously participated in the program. “I am honored for the chance to be in an intellectually stimulating environment with nineteen other heads of schools from across the world,” said Hirstein. “The feedback I will receive from these individuals will be extremely valuable to me.” Because schools and students worldwide are faced similar challenges and opportunities, an immersion into a program with others who have comparable experiences will allow Hirstein to learn and grow as a head of school. Through the combination of an extensive reading list, prominent speakers, and seminars, participants will analyze topics such as unifying the K-12 curriculum, academic achievement and the arts, and strategic planning.

While attending the Klingenstein Heads of School program, Hirstein will be provided with an opportunity to present a research project on a topic of his choosing. His focus will center on the life-long impacts of a strong early childhood education.

“This invitation places USJ on the map by providing me with an opportunity to take my experiences and share them with other heads of schools,” Hirstein said. “I already anticipate the ways in which this opportunity for professional development will lead me to cultivate exciting ideas for our school.”