Lisa Cates
Lower School Secretary

Lisa Cates, Lower School Secretary, graduated from North Side High School and attended West Tennessee Business College.

She joined the staff at Old Hickory Academy (OHA) as the Upper School Secretary in the Fall of 1984. After the merger of OHA and EDS to form USJ, she later became the Secretary at the Lower School.

Mrs. Cates and her husband, Robert, have one child at USJ, Carrie, in the eighth grade. She has two children who graduated from USJ. Jennifer Cash Biggs, class of 1993, who lives in Hawaii with her husband, Chris, and their two sons; and Russ Cash, class of 1998, who lives in Jackson with his wife and daughter.

"Being at USJ for 28 years has been a rewarding experience because of the close relationships with the administration, staff, faculty, parents, and students," says Mrs. Cates. "It is always great to see graduates return to USJ with their children, including my own children returning to USJ with my grandchildren."

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