Crest Society

USJ's Crest Society recognizes those generous supporters who have made deferred and planned gifts to University School. Life income gifts, insurance policies, and bequests that name USJ as the beneficiary qualify donors for membership in the Crest Society.

Crest Society Members

  • Gene and Myrna Baskette
  • James E. Campbell, Jr.
  • Richard and Kathy Fite
  • William S. and Patty Lawrence
  • Robert E. Stewart

    If you are interested in making a gift with a deferred benefit such as remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance, or bequests in wills, please contact the Development Office at (731) 664-0812.

    More on Charitable Remainder Trusts

    You can fund a charitable remainder trust with cash or appreciated property. You receive income from the assets for your lifetime or for the lifetime of a named beneficiary, qualify for a charitable deduction, and save capital gains and estate taxes. After your lifetime and/or that of a loved one, the trust assets are distributed to USJ.

    Charitable Lead Trusts: In a charitable lead trust, you transfer assets to a trust that makes payments to USJ for a specified number of years after which the assets are transferred back to you or to your heirs. The charitable lead trust allows you to pass assets on to your children and grandchildren with little or no estate tax. A charitable lead trust is a great way to finance a gift to USJ.

    Charitable Gift Annuities: A charitable gift annuity is a legal contract between you and USJ that allows for assets to be transferred to USJ. In exchange, USJ agrees to pay you a lifetime income. You get an immediate tax deduction and a portion of your annual income is tax exempt. Pay-out rates to you are very attractive, and estate taxes and probate costs are eliminated. After your lifetime and/or that of a loved one, the remaining assets are distributed to USJ.