Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reunions start at the 10-year milestone. Some classes gather every 5 years; others opt for every 10 years.
  • Your reunion year includes the 12 months following your graduation date. For example, if you graduated in May of 1997, your 20th reunion could be held anytime between May of 2017 and April of 2018.
  • The school does not set your reunion date. However, it does provide several weekends during the year with free events to plan around. Homecoming, Basketball Homecoming, Bid & Boogie, and USJ Weekend are all great times to plan a reunion get-together because there will be other events to enjoy in addition to the reunion.
  • Your class president typically handles reunion planning. However, sometimes it is whoever is local and interested in helping to coordinate the event.
  • Ideas for reunion gatherings include: meeting Dutch treat at a restaurant, holding an event at someone’s home, or renting a venue. The organizing committee can estimate costs and collect from those attending.
  • The alumni office is available to help with class lists, contact information, ideas for reaching out to classmates through social media and email, and coordinating your reunion with one of our Homecoming events.