The Class of 2002

As they graduated from USJ, members of the Class of 2002 planned to attend 32 different colleges and universities in 13 states, the District of Columbia, and England. They went to college with more than $660,000 in scholarships. Four of our student-athletes planned to play Division I sports. Ten percent of the senior class was recognized by the National Merit Foundation, while the top 20 percent of the class has an average of 28.9 on the ACT. Ten seniors were among the 23 AP scholars at USJ who were honored by the College Board for their scores on Advanced Placement exams.

Here is a list of our graduates and the colleges they planned to attend...

Lindsay Austin, MTSU
Michael Baddour, Georgia
Rebecca Bailey, Jackson State
Gwen Baxter, University of Memphis
Leah Blount, Union
Jill Butler, Samford
Nick Campbell, UT Martin
Elizabeth Carls, Georgia Tech
Paul Caudill, Washington University
Russell Cook, Mississippi State
Christian Cooper, Ole Miss
Kevin Cooper, Wake Forest
Blake Cruse, Ole Miss
Emily Curlin, MTSU
Russ DeLoach, MTSU
Stephen DeLoach, MTSU
Melanie Dement, Georgia
Eric Denne, Maryville
Miles Diffee, Ole Miss;
Sara Elkins, Maryville
Emily Ellis, Georgia
Matthew Evans, Vanderbilt
Jessica Farris, LSU
Greg Fay, Lehigh University
John Fry, UTK
Kathryn Glover, Alabama
Jay Hammond, Berklee College of Music, Boston
Matthew Hammond, Union
Kathlin Harbert, Alabama
Ashley Helms, Union
Steven Holtzclaw, Union
Kristin Hopper, MTSU
Brett Hunt, Mississippi State
Laura Jackson, Ole Miss
Bruce Johnson, Samford
Ami Joglekar, Georgetown University
Trent Jones, Ole Miss
Margaret Kemp, Millsaps
Hailey Lewis, Lambuth
Andrew Levine, Vanderbilt
Brian Lindvall, Princeton
Liza Martindale, MTSU
Dan Matthews, Rice University
Ashley McDaniel, University of Kentucky
Brendan McMahon, UT Martin
Navina Mehta, UTK
Andy Metcalf, University of Memphis
Manish Patel, MTSU
Franklin Payne, University of Illinois
Joseph Phillips, UTK
Kelly Priddy, Ole Miss
Jerry Rassier, University of Alabama at Huntsville
Shayla Reaves, Northwestern University
Jamie Richardson, Samford
Celia Ridley, Ole Miss
Sally Rowland, UT Martin
Adrian Rutledge, Rose Hulman
Erin Satterfield, Lambuth
Randy Sheffield, MTSU
Trell Shivley, UTK
Beau Sigler, Ole Miss
Beth Sigler, Ole Miss
John David Sikes, Ole Miss
Adam Simon, UTK
Paul Taylor, Mississippi State
Kimberly Truell, MTSU
Brooke Warren, UTK
Thad Williams, Capernwray Bible School in Lancashire, England
Sidney Wilson, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chris Wolfgram, UTK
Douglas Wood, Ole Miss
Chelsea Young, Auburn.